vendredi 26 octobre 2007

Holy triptych

I love this set! I've manage to put all those on the front of the card! You will see soon a card that is better open and exposed then close with this same set! Thanks for visiting

J'aime ce jeu! J'ai réussi à mettre toutes les images sur les dessus de la carte! Je vous en montrerai une bientôt qui est plus belle ouverte et en évidence (avec le même jeu d'estampe) que fermée! Merci de votre visite.

5 commentaires:

Kim H. a dit...

WOW this is a stunning card! Is this a SU set???? Are all images from one set??? Love it!

~KRISTY~ a dit...


Marja Sch a dit...

What a beauty. I looked around on your blog and saw a lot of very beautiful things. My compliments.

Myrnabs a dit...

Sweet LORD! That card is GORGEOUS!! I love it!

BTW, glad you got the boxes, and I expect to see them soon here! ;o)

I also wanted to tell you that I tagged you, go to my blog for details, I'm sorry pesc for doing this to you, but ur my friend and I had to ;o) hehehe!

My Paper World a dit...

Really stunning! Those images are beautiful!