jeudi 20 décembre 2007

Merci - Thank you

This summer I had a crazy project to help the kids I'm working with to learn how to type on a keyboard without looking at it. They were 3 guys who help me in my project and allowing it to work. So there is the card I've made for each of them because with their help I was able to help those kids. In one "dodo" (meaning a night in baby word in French) I will be in vacations for 2 weeks!!! I'm not sure I will be able to sleep tonight ;)

Cet été j'ai eu un projet fou pour aider les jeunes que je vois à apprendre le doigté sur un clavier d'ordinateur sans avoir à le regarder. Il y a 3 gars qui m'ont aidé à réaliser ce projet en mettant en place ce qu'il fallait pour que ça puisse fonctionner. Voici la carte que j'ai faite pour chacun d'eux pour les remercier de m'avoir aidée à aider ces jeunes! Dans un "dodo" je vais être en vacances pour deux semaines!!! Je suis pas certaine que je vais être capable de dormir ce soir ;)

6 commentaires:

jadadog a dit...

I think I need to get their names, I am a horrible typist!!!! Your card is so pretty!

Kim H. a dit...

This card is gorgeous! You have such a kind heart!

BrigitteS a dit...

So sweet of you to do this !! and heyyy, beautiful card there !!!
and..... finally i can get through your blog. everytime i'll click on it, it said: unknown blog or something like that !! but great, it's back on track !!! ;)
Brigitte from Australia !

Flossie's Follies a dit...

This card is very pretty, how nice of you, sure they will love it.

malieta a dit...

I love your card Pesc and I know that your helpers will love it too!
Happy Holiday Wishes to you

My Paper World a dit...

Beautiful card! Enjoy you vacation!
and Merry Christmas xx