vendredi 1 février 2008

Expecting RAK! - Acte de bonté pour femme enceinte!

Look at what I've got in the mail today! How nice is it! That is from Sherri. You can look at her blog.. She is fast! I did not have any pregnant stamp, but now I do! :)

Regardez ce que j'ai reçu par la poste aujourd'hui! C'est super fin! C'est de la part de Sherri. Vous pouvez viter son blogue . Elle est rapide! Je n'avais aucune estampe de femme enceinte, mais maintenant j'en ai une!

5 commentaires:

malieta a dit...

Hi Pesc!
Awwww. your goodies and card are beautiful! You are so lucky!
Thank you for your kind and warm comments Pesc, they really made my day.

Kim H. a dit...

awww those are so sweet! Sherri is the best! Enjoy your new stamps!

Alexandra a dit...

Great mail Pascale and realy cute card! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

CAKVD a dit...

OMG! I just saw the little stork counter at the bottom of your blog! Where have I been?? Congratulations!!!! I am so excited for you!

Courtney Fowler a dit...

She is so very thoughtful! What a wonderful thing to do for you. You're one lucky girl!