dimanche 9 mars 2008

Parceque! Just because!

I find that funny that Bella is saying "just because" holding a lot of shopping bags! I imagine her telling that to her husband :) LOL Weekend almost over... I bet I will not work all day tomorrow since Audrey has had fever all weekend and I hope tomorrow will be the last day! I hope she feels better soon and we don't catch whatever she is fighting!

Je trouvais ça très drôle que Bella dise " Parceque" en tenant des sacs de magasinage! Je l'imagine dire ça à son mari :) LOL
La fin de semaine est presque terminée... Je fais le pari que demain sera une journée de travail imcomplète puisqu'Audrey a fait de la température toute la fin de semaine et j'espère que demain sera la dernière journée! J'espère qu'elle va aller mieux bientôt et que nous n'attraperons pas ce qu'elle combat!

12 commentaires:

Flossie's Follies a dit...

Love your Bella card, hope Audrey is feeling better soon.

Lorie a dit...

This is great! I love the papers that you used!

My Paper World a dit...

I LOVE your shopping Bella Pascale! That saying really is fun!
Big hugs to Audrey, hope she feels better soon!
Nicola xx

Brigitte from Australia a dit...

That is such a cool card !! looove it !!...and hope Audrey will feel better soon !
Hugs from Australia :)

Ca, c'est vraiment une superbe carte !! je l'adoooore et... j'espere que Audrey se portera mieux !!
Biss d'Australie :)

Catherine a dit...

What a perfect sentiment for this Bella...LOL! And I hope your Audrey feels better soon but then again, there's a reason for you to stay home and CREATE =)

Alexandra a dit...

totally cute Bella and OF COURSE that is what she is saying to the husband - LOL! Hope Audrey is feeling better soon! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Julie a dit...

I love Bella! I have seen her around the blogging world a bit. I just can never decide which ones to order. :)
My Daughter, Liberty has also been fighting a fever for 3 days. I hope her and Audrey are better soon.

Janine a dit...

Great card !!

Courtney Fowler a dit...

Poor baby! We've been fighting stuff this weekend, too. sigh.

My mom used to keep a red pen in her car and whenever she went shopping she would "mark down" the tags on her purchases before showing them to my dad. What a hoot!

LOVE the card! The sentiment just fits!

Tina a dit...

Just gorgeous!

Karin a dit...

Great card! Love your thoughts about "just because"!! Wonderful ladybugs to! Hope your Audrey is feeling better.

ScrapSoon a dit...

Great card this is too.
Love the papers and the collors of it.
Nicely done the flower on the upperside of the card and the stripes on the bottom of the card.