samedi 4 juillet 2009

Flower - Fleurs

Wow it's almost been a week since I've post something here!!! I'm sorry, life I've been quite busy lately! We know have a new minivan... (our is crystal blue) it was becoming really complicated when we needed to go in a trip... Now we are all set if only I can get ride of my /$%/&%/?% allergies... I could think of going somewhere during summer time!!! Oh well... I'm suppose to get vaccinated and will hope it helps! But it's not for now so I will have to be patient!

At least the flowers in my card, I'm not allergique too!!! I love using flowers on card lately! Have a great week all!

Wow ça fait déjà presque une semaine que je n'ai pas mis de nouveau message ici!!! Désolée, la vie a été très remplie dernièrement! Nous avons maintenant une minifourgonnette (la notre est bleu crystal). Ça devenait vraiment compliqué dernièrement d'aller en voyage... Maintenant on est équipé... si seulement j'arrivais à gérer mes ("*?%/&?% d'allergies on pourrait penser aller quelque part en voyage en été!!! Enfin, je devrais avoir des vaccins et j'espère que ça va aider!! Mais comme ce n'est pas pour tout de suite je vais devoir être patiente!

Au moins je ne suis pas allergique aux fleurs sur ma carte!!! J'aime beaucoup utiliser ces fleurs dernièrement! Bonne semaine à tous!

4 commentaires:

runningonink a dit...

Your card is adorable! Sweet colors! Congrats on you need ride! Hopefully your allergies will calm down- I know my are horrible right now too! Have a great weekend!

Cheryl KVD a dit...

Beautiful card!! I have bad allergies too. I used to get the shots for them, but I kept going into shock after getting the shots, so they stopped them. The only place I do not have allergies is in the Caribbean!! Good luck with your allergies!!


Hello there !!!
sooo good to hear from you and thanks for your visit :)

hope you'll find a solution for your allergies...(my son is allergic to peanuts but this...i guess it's another thing as well)

and sooo cute card here Pascale, well done ;)

Ana Baird a dit...

so sweet and cute! Love the flower embellishment!