samedi 16 avril 2011

Easter - Pâques

As promise, this time I'm on time, even a bit ahead! We have made those eggs with some mashmallow "square". I've put some coloring food in the mashmallow and then decorated it as my daughter instructed me with some icing and decoration. It's all eatable!! :) Have a wonderful day.


DSC_2064cbasw Tel que promis, voici un message qui est un peu plus dans les temps, voir même un peu à l'avance! On a fait ces oeufs avec des "carrés" à la guimauves. J'ai mis du colorant à photo dans la guimauve et par la suite nous avons décorer les oeufs avec du glaçage est des décorations. Tout peut se manger!! Bonne journée!

5 commentaires:

Chelsea a dit...

These are to cute to eat! But look yummy!

Beth Norman a dit...

Wow, Pesc, you did such an amazing job with these marshmallows. So cute.

thefrugalcrafter a dit...

yum! those look amazing!

Beth Norman a dit...

Wow. How beautiful. You are so talented, Pesc. I've been trying to get back on the Stamp Shack but they are not replying to me.



jumbledhutch a dit...

This is gorgeous! So pretty! Not sure I could eat one! SMILE- who am I kidding- I totally would! LOL!