dimanche 17 février 2008


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I will reach 5000 visitors in the next 24 hours. So I went shopping and came back with some fun treats for my great readers. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and I will ask Audrey to pick a winner on February 17th at 16h00. The lucky winner will get some paper flowers, a clear stamp set, some beautiful ribbon and some tag template along with the envelop template for those tags and some cards templates as well. If you want, you can write a joke in the comment section so it will help me go to this waiting time with a smile. I almost forgot, everyone can play ( no matter where you live) but only one entry by person please.

Je devrais atteindre 5000 visiteurs d'ici les prochaines 24 heures. Alors je suis allée faire un peu de magasinage et j'ai rapporté quelques surprises pour mes fidèles lecteurs. La seule chose que vous avez à faire est de me laisser un message dans la section commentaire et je vais demander à Audrey de piger un gagnant le 17 février prochain à 16h00. La personne chanceuse recevra des fleurs en papier, un jeu d'estampe des gabarits pour des étiquettes et pour l'enveloppe qui peut les contenir ainsi que pour deux gabarits pour carte. Si vous le désirez, vous pouvez m'écrire une blague dans la section commentaire ce qui m'aidera à passer ses deux semaines d'attente avec un sourire. Ah oui, j'oubliais, tout le monde peut participer (peu importe où vous habitez) mais une seule participation par personne S.V.P.

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Anonyme a dit...

thats a lot of hits!! congrats!
Jokes? hmm well the 2 I know are very ..well..ummm risque! lol so I will save them for another time
hugs to you my friend

Jan~logcabincreations a dit...

Hi Pascale. Congratulations on having such a wonderful and popular blog. I can't think of any jokes, but since it's Valentine's Day, here's a little rhyme:

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
Sugar is sweet and so are you.

Hugs from your Stamp Shack pal.

christie a dit...

Whoo Hoo!! Congrats on reaching the 5000 mark! You always have great things to share with us and I love visiting and seeing them!

Anonyme a dit...

Congrats on your 5000 hits...great blog love your examples Terry/scrappinnuts

Anonyme a dit...

Congratulations on 5k, Pascale.
I'll tell you an Aussie joke, and hope you can "get it"
Q. What do you get if you cross a Sheep with a Kangaroo?

A. A woolly jumper.

Thanks for offering fun blog treats

Anonyme a dit...

Congrats on 5000 posts! It looks like you had fun shopping. I'm sending you a (((hug))). Hugs, Heather

Fabrizio a dit...

Wow, well done for the 5000 !

Thanks ever so much for visiting my blog and the lovely comment...the third language I speak is Italian ! LOL

Soon Han a dit...

Hello Pascale,
I've watch your blog today and it's a really great blog.
No wonder why you have that many blogwatchers come to you.
Up to the next 5000 :)

Soon Han-Scrapsoon

Debby Winters a dit...

Hello Pascale!
I just found your blog and how lucky am I that you are giving blog candy!
I love your blog...great stuff you have here...I will be back!
Congratulations on 5000!!!

Anonyme a dit...

Bien le bonjour Pascale,

je visite ton blog très très régulièrement... tiens moi au nouvelle pour ton petit bébé. et pour ton blog continue de partager tes idées , c'est super !



CAKVD a dit...

Wow, congratulations on your 5000 hits!!! What a great milestone! You picked out some wonderful prizes - I've always wanted to try those templates but I have never found them at my stores. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!!
Cheryl KVD

Cathy M a dit...

Congrats on 5,000 hits. Count me in on this sweet celebration candy. I would love to play with all of this and those templates would really be FUN to creat with.
Thanks for a chance.

jpetty a dit...

Popular website to have over 5000 hits, many congratulations Pascale.
I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

This is a true "joke" made by my daughter some 40 years ago.

Mummy you have explained all about how babies are made and where they come from, but I want to know, who cracks that egg, so they can come out!
Big warm heated hugs from JP, aka lakeslady at the Stamp Shack

MJ a dit...

Wow! Congrats on the 5000 hits! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize.

scfranson a dit...

Congratulations, you have a wonderful, inspiring blog.

Anonyme a dit...

Congrats on all your hits!!! Just found your blog....love your creations! Thanks for the chance! :o)

Cindy Coffman

nitestamper a dit...

congratulations,pesc. your blog is just full of wonderful ideas, thank you for sharing it with us.
great blog candy

Ana Baird a dit...

Well done! Your blog candy looks great!

traciejane a dit...

Wow great blog candy, and congratulations on 5,000 hits. Your blog is new to me, great work I love it all, glad i found you, adn i will be back :-)

Anonyme a dit...

Congratulations on 5000 hits! I enjoy your creations.


My Paper World a dit...

Congratulations Pascale!
Your blog is popular because your projects are always BEAUTIFUL!
Thanks for a chance to win, the blog candy looks great!
Nicola xx

Anonyme a dit...

congrats Pascale on 5000th hits, your blog is great and you are very creative. Have a super terrific day :)

your stamp shack pal


Anita a dit...

Congratulations on 5,000 hits! Thanks for the chance to play for your candy. I hope Audrey picks me!


Anonyme a dit...

bonjour Pascale,
j'ai découvert ton blog la semaine dernière et je le trouve vraiment bien. Je le visite presque chaque jour. Tu as vraiment des idées géniales et tu es pleine de talents.

Anne Bélanger

Josée a dit...

Je viens voir ton blog tous les jours et je trouve que tu travaille très bien et tu fais de très belles choses.
Féliciation pour les 5000 visiteurs!!!
Josée Mélançon

Anonyme a dit...


Je te félicite pour ton beau travail. Je crois que c'est très exigeant. Bravo! Bravo!


Maria a dit...

Congratulations on you 5K hits!! Whoohoo! Thank you for offering a blog candy to celebrate your milestone! Your blog is fabulous and your cards are beautiful! It's now wonder your hits are growing!!

I'm sorry. . .I can't think of any jokes right now.


Alexandra a dit...

WHOO HOO Pascale - 5000 hits, how awesome for you! Great blog candy too, girl - I love it! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Jennifer a dit...

Pascale, your blog is so wonderful to visit and full of so much inspiration and loveliness that it doesn't surprise me a bit that you've acquired 5000 visits. Congratulations to you and here is to the next many, many visits that will surely come!


Suzi a dit...

Congrats on 5000. Here is a joke that crack ds & me up!

What do you get when you cross a fish with an elephant?

Swimming trunks.

Anonyme a dit...

Pascale, congrats on 5,000 posts and for offering the blog candy.

Question: Why did Tigger look inside the toilet?

Answer: He was looking for Pooh!

Joanne (tojoco)

Anne a dit...

Hello Pascale! I found your fab blog through Fabrizio's, and wonderful it is!! Congrats on 5000 hits (+).

Joke: Vincent Van Gogh walked into a pub and his friend shouted him "Hi Vincent, fancy a pint?" and Vincent replied "No thanks, I've got one 'ere!!" LOL!! :o)

Courtney Fowler a dit...

Here's what my husband says is the worst joke ever:

Two peanuts were walking down the street.

One was assaulted.

Hugs to you!!

Ana Baird a dit...

Many thanks for your comments on my scrapbook display! Very much appreciated! Hope you're having a great weekend!

M@risk@ a dit...

Hello Pascale, found your blog via Misty's. Love to play along but not good in telling jokes. But give it a try anyway. Here's mine:

Why does a cat loves to play a game on the computer. Then he can play with the mouse. LOL

Thanks for hosting.

Mistylynn a dit...

Very cool! I love counting down to blog candy!
Have a great day.

Janine a dit...

Congratulations on 5000 hits... Wonderful work deserves so many..

Anonyme a dit...

Tu fais de bien belles choses ma chère collègue! Bien que j'écrive rarement des commentaires, je visite ton site souvent. Bravo pour des 5000 visiteurs


Heather Grow a dit...

Hi Pascale, I don't have a joke but I have a book recommendation for Audry. It's called, "Monsieur Saguette and His Baguette." I read it to the kids at work (using a French accent for Monsiuer) and they love it.

Congratulations on all your blog visits.

Fe-Fe a dit...

Congratulations on all you visitors. I'm not surprised you have so many as you have a lovely blog.

A joke? I will tell my son's favourite. He's 9 now and autistic and this was the first funny joke he told when he was about 4 and because it got a laugh he just kept telling it for the next 5 years! Lol!

What did the sea say to the sand?

Nothing it just waved! :-)

Lesli a dit...

Congrats on the 5000 - great blog candy!!!